Guide for Practitioners

Guide for Practitioners

The Guide of Practitioners provides guidelines to help you as Universities support the personal development of students that go on a learning-mobility. The Guide for practitioners will identify mobility-related soft-skills and competences and consists of a comprehensive collection of (and synthetic conclusions from) good management practices in Europe for helping Erasmus students to maximize the benefits (and learning curve) of studying abroad by identifying those skills/competences acquired during the international student experience (before, during and after).

The guide also explains the development of the resources generated by Erasmus Skills and relevant results for universities:

· recommendations to be included in the Erasmus+ App (Erasmus Skills track) so that staff can complement the advisory work, specially for those students with difficulties;
· insights from the webinar for students as well as workshop guidelines for university practitioners on European values and (re-)integration issues; and
· recommendations on how soft skills could be translated into programme specific learning outcomes

The Guide for Practitioners is created to impact the staff and students commitment to the European values and on the employability of graduates. It provides practitioners with a tool for self-reflection on their institutional commitment with the development of the mobility-related soft attitudes, skills and knowledge.

The Guide for Practitioners will be available at the end of the project.

Guide for Practicioners available here